Cinthya Esquea

Esquea Yoga Founder + Instructor

Prior to becoming a registered yoga teacher, Cinthya always enjoyed dancing, outdoor adventures, and learning different ways to live actively and healthy. On her journey of self-discovery she found the art of yoga. Through yoga, Cinthya learned how to live a more balanced life and decided to share her knowledge.

She graduated from Santosha school of Yoga and attended classes led by world renowned teachers such as Maya Breuer, Sherry Ryan, Gary Kraftsaw and Shiva Rea to name a few. Soon after graduating she started working hand in hand with different healthcare professionals; introducing their patients to physical and mental healing through different Yoga techniques. After finding joy and satisfaction teaching and helping others through Yoga, she decided to open her own Yoga studio.

Cinthya is the proud owner of Esquea Yoga Therapy & Fitness and provides a professional, private, and peaceful atmosphere for all her students. Contact Esquea Yoga today and allow Cinthya to share her knowledge and experience with you.

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