Class Offerings

Relax Flow is for those looking to experience a physically slower moving class. We will be holding postures that cover the entire body, and focusing on the breathing techniques which will help to create a more toned body. This class is smooth but always rewarding.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)

Relax Flow

Tender Flow is designed for those looking for a gentle, restorative and serene practice. This class is appropriate for everyone, including seniors.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)

Tender Flow

Fire Yoga introduces a few different "Vinyasa" style sequences which are used to heat up the body. From there we move at a Relaxed Flow pace with a few extra twists and turns. It's perfect for the person that wants to flow some and hold some poses!

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)

Fire Flow Yoga

This Vinyasa Flow Yoga class helps you focus on proper alignment while emphasizing the "core" -- your abdominal, hips, and back. A great yoga practice starts with a strong, yet flexible center. You will leave class feeling relaxed but energized. This class is great for all levels, including beginners.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)

Yoga Core Flow

Relax Flow Wall is a Relax Flow of poses...on the wall!

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)

Relax Flow on the Wall

Lunch Shot Yoga is perfect when you need a pick me up in the middle of your day. Forget about a shot of espresso, try a shot of yoga. Join me for this challenging, yet gentle mid-day breakout offering an opportunity for you to get your practice in and reset your day without returning to your desk in a heap of sweat.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)

Lunch Shot Yoga

Inner Fire Motion integrates the dynamic Motion of Vinyasa, the methodical pace of Relax Flow and simple dance movements to create an inspiring experience on the mat and around the room. Students can sway and play to the beat of their own drummer, at their own pace and liberate their practice with creativity and expression. Fun music and some laughter, too! Suitable for everyone.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)

Inner Fire Motion

This invigorating Vinyasa Flow that encourages balance, openess, and strength. You will leave this class feeling long, lean, and fully rested... and you may want a glass of crisp vino! Stay after and enjoy a glass of wine and tasty snacks.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $25 (21+ only)

Vino & Vinyasa

The physical practice of yoga strengthens our physical body and makes us more flexible. The practice of meditation has the same benefits for our minds. Among its many benefits, meditation is proven to decrease anxiety, stress, depression and improve cognitive function. This class will begin with 45 minutes of mindful movement, exploration of breathing techniques followed by 30 minutes of various guided meditation practices. Each month we will explore different techniques. No experience necessary and all levels are welcome.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (general) / $15 (student w/ID)


Love comes to you awaken this powerful force. This is the sex education you always needed from your friends, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. This program targets women who are looking to increase their self-esteem and a sense of self-worth through rediscovering feminine sensuality and their divine energy through the practice of Yoga and guided meditations.

Length: ~60 minutes  Price: $18 (18+, general) / $15 (18+, student w/ID)

Awakening Your Sensual Goddess

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